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7 Great Places to Visit in July

July is a fun month throughout the world. Here are some of the many great places we’re told are awesome to visit in the month of July. (If you have a suggested destination you’ve enjoyed in the past, let me know and I may include it in a future newsletter. Thanks!)

1. Tuscany, Italy.

July is peak season in Tuscany. The weather is quite warm, but it’s nice for days along poolside at a Tuscany villa or hotel. It’s been said that no trip to Tuscany is complete until you visit the vineyards (It’s best to see the vineyards with a local guide). 

2. Baden Baden, Germany.

Baden Baden germany

This amazing German town is known as a spa town/wellness retreat, and is in southwestern Germany’s Black Forest, close to the border with France. Its thermal baths brought fame as a resort beginning in the 1800s. In July, Baden Baden hosts its annual Summer Festival in the Festival Hall, which includes everything from opera to piano concertos. (Sounds great!)

3. Wales, U.K.

This is a hot destination for many throughout the world. It boasts amazing activities ranging from extensive zipline courses, to an underground trampoline park. Wales attracts people who love to climb, hike and surf – it has absolutely beautiful rugged terrain. There’s much to be enjoyed in July, including an annual Gower Festival with all kinds of artists and performers taking over ancient churches. There’s an international food and drink festival in the middle of the month, where local farmers and vendors share their produce and recipes.

4. Helsinki, Finland.

The weather is fantastic in July (average high is 70, low is 52)…AND…prices are lower because many in the city are on vacation. The place has incredible restaurants and is ideal for a summer visit.

5. Cape Town, South Africa.

At present your money can go a long way in Cape Town as the currency is weak, and July is low season. The temperature cools because it’s winter in July, just take along a light jacket for dinner. The crowds are much smaller in July, and it’s said the restaurants, markets and galleries are awesome.

6. Hvar, Croatia. A place that sounds awesome, Hvar is a Croatian island and is influenced by Greek and Roman cultures. It has beaches, fortresses and ancient theaters to visit, and wineries too. It’s said there are European heirs and heiresses who show upon yachts sometimes. How will people react when YOU show up? ?

7. Melbourne, Australia.

July is in the middle of the winter down under, so the temperatures are cool. It’s also an ideal time to visit a city that’s already budget friendly. Melbourne has great galleries and shops, and I hear it’s a great place to enjoy the Aussies.

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