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Southeast Valley Summer Moving Tips


In a perfect world, we could all schedule our moves on bright days with temperatures of about 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  Life in the real world, however, throws us curve balls and the truth is that many of us move in the dog days of summer.  That's when kids are out of school, and that's when many of us can get off work more easily.  According to U.S. Census Bureau data, almost 50 percent of all moves take place from June to September.  When you add in the month of May, that figure jumps to 65 percent.


If you are planning a Southeast Valley summer moving day, here are a few tips to make the move safer and more comfortable for everyone involved.


Book Movers During the Least Busy Days

Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are especially busy days. Avoid weekends and the beginning/ending of the month too. The best time to move is during the weekdays when moving companies have their slow business days. Get on their schedule ahead of time.


Dress Light

-- Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing.  Since you'll be moving around a lot, you might think flip-flops or sandals are okay, but they could be dangerous with all the obstacles you will be negotiating.  Choose comfortable, closed-toe shoes such as sneakers. You'll probably be outside quite a bit, so don't forget to apply sunscreen every few hours.


Stay Hydrated


-- You will be using up a lot of energy during your move, and especially in the heat, you'll need to replenish your fluids.  Have water handy for your family and for your movers.  Encourage everyone to take frequent breaks in the shade to have a cold drink of water.


Plan carefully for your kids and pets

-- Young children will need a safe, comfortable place where they can be out of the way of the movers.  It might be a good idea to hire a babysitter to take care of them during the moving process.  Perhaps you could spring for them all to go to a movie?  It will keep them happy, cool, and occupied on this stressful day.


Don't forget your furry friends. All the confusion of a move in your home will probably stress your pets.  Add in the movers carrying things out through open doors and the sizzling temperatures, and it might be a good idea to board your pets in an air-conditioned kennel for the day.


Pack Carefully

Some items like candles, plastics, and electronics don't fare well under the heat. Pack them separately or take them with you in the car.



With a little planning, your summer move in the Southeast Valley will go smoothly and safely.  Good luck and please let us know if we can help you in any way with your move. EMAIL info@thebartongroupaz.com or CALL 480.242.3079



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